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Mama and Mini Main Squeeze Shirts

My husband has been traveling quite a bit for work and we decided to make a family trip out of one of his longer business trips. He was busy in meetings all day so my daughter and I were free to explore and luckily, visit with one of my good friends from law school. It was the first time we would be seeing each other since we both became moms and I was so excited that our visit happened to fall during her daughter’s second birthday. Her daughter, Lemon, is the cutest and I couldn’t help but think of sweet mama and me shirts I could make for them!

I did a Google search for mama and me lemon shirt ideas and saw some cute items on Etsy. I decided to try my hand at designing my own version in Cricut Design Space. I ended up messing up one of the cuts (I really need a Post It note reminding me to check which mat is cutting after I hit mirror on… sigh) so the lemons are slightly different yellows but I still love how they turned out. More importantly, my friend and her daughter loved them, which made me so happy ?

Photo of a toddler sized shirt with the saying "Mama's Main Squeeze" and a lemon overlapping an adult sized shirt with the saying "Mini's Main Squeeze" with a lemon
Mama and Mini Main Squeeze T-Shirts (I’m sorry for the not so great photo ?)