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Where to find free SVGs?

Sometimes, it is easier to find a free SVG for a Cricut cut than to create your own. Here are some sites I like to search when I have a project in mind:

These are ones I go back to often but you should also always try an Internet search for ideas and free SVGs.

Keep in mind that if you are having trouble finding something you like, you can always check Pinterest and/or Etsy for SVGs you can buy (I tried really hard to create a cute Three-Rex design for my daughter’s birthday but I was definitely headed towards major Pinterest/Cricut fail territory . . . I am so happy I decided to finally buy one I came across through searches on Pinterest – check out my Three-Rex Birthday Party Post). I don’t know why but I sometimes feel like I am failing if I have to buy an SVG but really, there is no shame in buying exactly what you want ?

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