Crafting 101

My Favorite Websites

Here are some of my favorite sites to check out when you are starting to make cards and as you get deeper into your cardmaking:

  • Jennifer McGuire’s site is incredibly organized and well-formatted. She regularly posts card tutorials that are in-depth and easy to understand. She is what I would definitely call #cardmakinggoals.
  • I think she may have stopped updating her site but JD’s Youtube tutorials are some of the first I came across when I started making cards. She is so approachable and I enjoyed learning with her.
  • Cathy Zielske is awesome. I love her videos because she keeps it real and she is so fun.
  • Simon Hurley is a young crafter who does great instructional videos.
  • This is a great place to shop and if you set up an account, you can sign up for all kinds of free crafting classes.
  • I love Lawn Fawn, it is one of my favorite brands! Its blog has so many amazing card ideas and video tutorials.
  • Nina-Marie makes beautiful cards and even if I do not have the items she uses for her cards, I love seeing them for inspiration.
  • If you have a Cricut, Jennifer Maker creates amazing free SVGs for all kinds of Cricut projects and easy to follow instructional videos. She has lots of free card SVGs.